Sunday, 25 April 2010

ARTS BLOG: Georgia O'Keefe

Intention of the artist: It was to paint orchids, from a close up perspective.
Quality of the work: Georgia is one of the most famous female american artist before women were recognized as great artists.
Response of the audience: When O'Keeffe began painting orchids she received a lot of attention because some critics said that they resembled the intimate female parts.

Analyze the piece of work again using Art and Knowledge criteria (imitiation, communication, and education).

Imitation:Georgia O'Keeffe's reputation of her large formated flowers, is what brought attention to her paintings. It is said that these contain hidden sensuality in them. Her paintings, are very distinct, she is widely known for these, and actualy made her famous.Her flower paintings are very unique not similar to any other artist.
Communication:Her paintings are very colorful and very different. Her art is between realism and abstract art. She communicates the beauty in natures colors, and a sensuality that is evident when you see them.
Education: I think everyone would learn from knowing her paintings, she is one of the most famous american artists.Born 1n 1886, and during her lifetime, artists struggled, but women were discriminated against. Her success was a role model for other women.

Britta Benke " O'Keeffe" - Barnes and Nobles publications

Monday, 19 April 2010


1. Describe the desired outcomes of the experiment.
- To see if people can act on their own and have their own choices even when there is peer pressure.
2. Describe the research done to reach the desired outcome.
- What Asch did was have a group of people pretend that they have nothing to do with the experiment even though all but one person is in on it. What they wanted to see if people conform to what other people around them do or if people will follow their own instinct. This may be a problem that is happening all over the world right now.
3. What was the outcome and what did it tell us about humans or human nature?
- In this video along with many other experiments that Asch has done, people will always go with their instinct the first time around, but as they see that they are "mistaken" and the other people are correct they start going along with the current and will ignore their natural instincts because they must be incorrect since there was more people going along with another number. People have a tendency to conform to what other people are saying and that is what is wrong with the world people need to go along with their instinct instead of following other people.

Sunday, 11 April 2010


In different cultures people may have a different view on global warming because some people are affected more than others.
In diffrent backrounds people may see gloal warming as a scam or not depending on how they are informed about it. The source where the information goes to and the person it goes to plays a big role in how people see things. So people from different social back rounds or beliefs may see global warming as something that is false or something that is true.
In ways of thinking people may go on their morals, if an event is bad or good or true or false. The reason for this is that when people are raised they choose morals for themselves so on this particular topic, global warming fact or fiction people will see the hoax in it or the truth in it depending on their morals.

In my own personal opinion, I have always believed in Global Warming, in my house hold everyone has been very cautious these past years. After see the information that was brought forward on Al Gore I have started to have my doubts.

Monday, 22 March 2010


This plant is structured in such a way that repetitive patterns occur.

This video shows the growth of plants, but does not use the term of fractals or any mathematical terms.

Sunday, 14 March 2010


This experiment was meant to learn and understand the effects of drugs and addiction. What was done was there were a number of monkeys and rats that were given drugs like morphine, alcohol, codeine, cocaine, and amphetamines. They were taught to self inject. The animals were left in a place with an unlimited number of drugs. The animals soon became disturbed and were trying to escape reaching a point of being so desperate to get out that they broke their arms in the process. Others would rip their finger out. There was a case were one monkey tore all the fur of his arms and his chest. The reason that his is unethical is because of the horrendous treatment of animals. Having them suffer and die without their knowledge and they did not even know what they were doing.

Sunday, 7 March 2010


In may fields of sciences, Perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information.
In my own personal opinion " Doubt is the key to knowledge", is very true. The reason being if you believed that everything is perfect as it is, and not doubting something or trying to get the right answer instead of dumbing down and agreeing to everything. With doubt you can get ideas to test things that you doubt about.
A great cultural example of this is when you have doubt about a different language like, french not knowing the language can mess some one up while on a trip to France or Canada, but once you ask or try to learn there is no more doubt about how to say hi (bonjour).
A great example from school is when you are learning something new in class, you might not understand it right away or you have a question about something (doubt) you ask the teacher and they explain therefore gaining knowledge of something new.
A great example from my personal life is when I have doubts about things that i might not fully understand or that I do not agree with, therefore I go out and try to find better answers and even though some times you might find that it was the same to start with, or it could be better and find a answer that you think is correct you always come out winning and with more knowledge even if it is correct or incorrect.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


This video makes me laugh because, he has great expressions on his face and talks very funny. This expression is very famous. My brother always imitates it.

This video makes me feel fear because i am afraid of heights and going skydiving is one of the things on my bucket list. An accident is what scares me about the process.

This video gets me upset because animal abuse is not fair. If he wanted to abuse the dog why does he have one. I have dogs and i would be very upset seeing someone doing that.