Sunday, 25 April 2010

ARTS BLOG: Georgia O'Keefe

Intention of the artist: It was to paint orchids, from a close up perspective.
Quality of the work: Georgia is one of the most famous female american artist before women were recognized as great artists.
Response of the audience: When O'Keeffe began painting orchids she received a lot of attention because some critics said that they resembled the intimate female parts.

Analyze the piece of work again using Art and Knowledge criteria (imitiation, communication, and education).

Imitation:Georgia O'Keeffe's reputation of her large formated flowers, is what brought attention to her paintings. It is said that these contain hidden sensuality in them. Her paintings, are very distinct, she is widely known for these, and actualy made her famous.Her flower paintings are very unique not similar to any other artist.
Communication:Her paintings are very colorful and very different. Her art is between realism and abstract art. She communicates the beauty in natures colors, and a sensuality that is evident when you see them.
Education: I think everyone would learn from knowing her paintings, she is one of the most famous american artists.Born 1n 1886, and during her lifetime, artists struggled, but women were discriminated against. Her success was a role model for other women.

Britta Benke " O'Keeffe" - Barnes and Nobles publications

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