Sunday, 11 April 2010


In different cultures people may have a different view on global warming because some people are affected more than others.
In diffrent backrounds people may see gloal warming as a scam or not depending on how they are informed about it. The source where the information goes to and the person it goes to plays a big role in how people see things. So people from different social back rounds or beliefs may see global warming as something that is false or something that is true.
In ways of thinking people may go on their morals, if an event is bad or good or true or false. The reason for this is that when people are raised they choose morals for themselves so on this particular topic, global warming fact or fiction people will see the hoax in it or the truth in it depending on their morals.

In my own personal opinion, I have always believed in Global Warming, in my house hold everyone has been very cautious these past years. After see the information that was brought forward on Al Gore I have started to have my doubts.

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