Monday, 19 April 2010


1. Describe the desired outcomes of the experiment.
- To see if people can act on their own and have their own choices even when there is peer pressure.
2. Describe the research done to reach the desired outcome.
- What Asch did was have a group of people pretend that they have nothing to do with the experiment even though all but one person is in on it. What they wanted to see if people conform to what other people around them do or if people will follow their own instinct. This may be a problem that is happening all over the world right now.
3. What was the outcome and what did it tell us about humans or human nature?
- In this video along with many other experiments that Asch has done, people will always go with their instinct the first time around, but as they see that they are "mistaken" and the other people are correct they start going along with the current and will ignore their natural instincts because they must be incorrect since there was more people going along with another number. People have a tendency to conform to what other people are saying and that is what is wrong with the world people need to go along with their instinct instead of following other people.

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